Covid-19 Health Declaration DRAFT 

How are you feeling today?

I recognize that I am coming to the GYROTONIC® Movement Center during a Covid-19 epidemic and therefore, I understand that even though I will cooperate with, and adhere to the policies & safety guidelines put in place by the studio and Washington State, there is always a risk of contracting influenza such as Covid-
19 or other, and that the GYROTONIC® Movement Center cannot guarantee full protection against Covid-19 virus or other illnesses.

My mindful cooperation with these guidelines will include the following practices:

  • Making a thoughtful and honest assessment of my current health status before every visit to GYROTONIC® Movement Center;

  • Staying at home if I’m not feeling well or “right.” I also agree that if there is any question about my health after I’ve arrived, my trainer may suggest I forego or end my session for the day;

  • Truthfully answering the required screening questions, and allowing a “no contact” temperature reading;

  • Practicing all requested sanitizing protocols – including washing or sanitizing hands before, during and after my appointments;

  • Wearing a cloth mask covering my nose and mouth at all times while in the studio;

  • Maintaining social distancing of 6 feet whenever possible, acknowledging there may be occasions when this is briefly broken for corrections or machine adjustments;

  • Taking full responsibility to provide the following supplies for my own use in the Studio: a clean cloth mask, clean and unused bath towel (+ a small towel for head pillow if you desire), clean unworn socks, my own water bottle, and if desired also protective gloves.

By signing below, I confirm I have read, and fully understand & commit to the terms and requirements of this Covid-19 Safety Policy. I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines and practices, I may endanger the health of myself and others, and I cannot attend sessions at GYROTONIC® Movement Center at this time. I assume the risk of participating in any activities at the studio and on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns or personal representatives release GYROTONIC® Movement Center, its owners, agents, assigns, managers and trainers from any liability now or in the future, if I contract any influenza such as COVID-19, however caused.

My initials below acknowledge the added risk I willingly take if I am in the “High Risk” category due to my age (65 or older), or underlying health conditions, as determined by WA state.

Thanks for submitting!