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Gyrotonic Level 2 Program 2

GT L2 P2 Pretraining 4 cropped_edited.jpg

In this course, trainers learn more complex exercises, and exercise combinations, building on

what they learned in the Level 1 curriculum.

  • Location:  Gyrotonic Movement Center, Seattle, WA

  • Instructor: Karen Mullen, Specialized Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Master Trainer

  • Dates:  October 26 - October 29  2023

  • Course Duration: 4 days/20 hours

  • Course Fee: $550

  • Non-refundable studio fee: $250​

Upon successful completion: students are given a Gyrotonic Level 2 Attestation Certificate

acknowledging participation in the Level 2 Course.  Please e-mail to register

Pre-requisite: Gyrotonic Level 2, Program 2 Pre-Training Course, additionally student must demonstrate having done consistent practice of the Level 2 pre-training exercises as physical preparation.

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