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Karen Mullen, GYROTONIC® Movement Center owner,

GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Specialized Master Trainer, B.F.A., M.S.

Studio owner Karen is one of only a handful of GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method Specialized Master Trainers in the world selected & trained by the systems creator Juliu Horvath to conduct his final licensing exams for new teachers. She is a master trainer for all levels of Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis and for all the specialized equipment.  She began working with Gyrotonic over 25 years ago as a professional dancer in NYC and from the first class she recognized this system’s highly refined & evolved support of the human body’s natural healthy way of moving and she has since shared her enthusiasm & expertise with people of all experience levels.

Karen holds master’s degrees in movement related fields and has published and presented work on dance pedagogy with its focus on effective teaching techniques both nationally and internationally. She has explored and studied movement her entire life, working as a professional dancer as well as studying methods of body work, biomechanics, kinesiology and somatic therapies including in-depth university coursework in Laban-Bartenieff Fundamentals™, along with movement & anatomy education by or with notable movement educators such as Lulu Sweigard, Irene Down, and Martha Yoshida.  She has provided in-service education clinics to many physical therapy professionals by offering her unique understanding of how to coach a moving body in space and how to employ verbal & hands-on cueing to facilitate the best learning.  By combining her unique experiences as a former professional dancer, university teacher and movement educator Karen can teach the Gyrotonic methodology to people with diverse movement backgrounds; those recovering from injury, athletes hoping to gain an edge on their competition, as well as the self-proclaimed “couch potato” who wants to improve their overall health.

She creates a supportive & fun environment to explore and understand the human body helping people reach their full potential with ease and efficiency.

Mark Hagen,

Certified Level 1 & 2GYROTONIC® Instructor

Mark Hagen has a BA in Sociology, minor in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota. After working in banking and real estate, Mark moved out to the Northwest for the skiing and sailing.

Mark was introduced to the Gyrotonic method by a ballet teacher. Within minutes on the tower he knew the value of the training. Though he came to the Gyrotonic method through dance, it reminded him of his training in kung-fu and chi-kung in his teens and twenties. Mark is a certified trainer in the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods as well as all the specialized Gyrotonic equipment. He continues to train under Master Trainer Karen Mullen. 

Teaching at the GYROTONIC® Movement Center of Seattle has given him the opportunity to combine his love of movement with the joy of helping people reach their goals. When Mark is not at the studio, he is playing with his two kids, his wife, in the hills or doing Tia Chi.

Lilianna Koledin,

Certified Level 1 & 2, GYROTONIC® Instructor

Lilianna came to Seattle from Santa Fe, NM to attend Cornish College of the Arts from where she graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in dance. She has performed locally with various choreographers as well as created and danced in her own work. It was through dance that Lilianna learned about GYROTONIC® exercise method and credits the Gyrotonic method for refining her dance technique as well as teaching her a more supportive way to move, both in the dance studio and in her daily life.


Lilianna continues to attribute much of her strength, well-being and ease in her body to her knowledge and practice of the Gyrotonic method. As a teacher, she enjoys working with people of all walks of life, and in particular, loves being a partner with her clients in discovering ways to move with less pain, more strength and finding a more resilient and comfortable body.


Since becoming a Certified Level 1 GYROTONIC® Instructor, Lilianna has enriched her knowledge by becoming certified to teach on the Jump Stretch Board, the Leg Extension Unit as well as completed both Program 1 & 2, as a Level 2 Instructor.

Fumi Murakami,

Certified Level 1 & 2 GYROTONIC® Instructor

Fumi Murakami received a BA in Mathematics and Theater/Dance from Oberlin College. She continued to dance over the years while pursuing a career in Information Technology. She was fortunate to discover Pilates, studying for 15 years with master teacher Cary Regan, which assisted in her ability to continue to perform with many local choreographers including Wade Madsen, Michele, Miller, Pablo Cornejo, Mark Haim, Jason Ohlberg, and Deborah Wolf. Fumi co-founded a dance production company, Evoke Productions, twelve years ago and it is still going strong today. 

It was while rehearsing for the very first of these productions that Fumi tried the
Gyrotonic method to assist with loss of flexibility in the upper spine. She was so happy to have discovered the Gyrotonic method and the wonderful benefits that she decided to become a trainer. She enjoys the one on one interaction with clients and is thrilled to be helping clients feel better and work to achieve their maximum potential. She is certified on all the specialized equipment, Level II, and has completed additional courses:  Gyrotonic Foot and Hands with Emma Kingston, Uwe Herbstreit's Application for the Pelvis-Girdle Workshop, and Juergen Bamberger's Psoas Principles.

Fumi spends her free time volunteering as treasurer of the drama boosters at her daughter's high school, working on knitting projects, cooking and baking, and spending time with her family.

Robin Werner,

Certified Level 1 GYROTONIC® Instructor

Robin had the good fortune to be introduced to the GYROTONIC® Method at Proformance Rehab in 2001. As GYROTONIC® continued to play a larger role in the physical therapy process, the therapist sent Robin to her teacher at the GYROTONIC® Movement Center. After five years studying with Master Trainer Karen Mullen, Robin completed the Level 1 Foundation course with Karen and certified in 2007.


While more injuries and surgeries curtailed teaching, GYROTONIC® has continued to play an integral role for Robin as a primary therapeutic tool. With the desire to share some of the tremendous benefits he has received from the work, Robin repeated the Level 1 training with Karen in 2018. Eleven years away from teaching brings new perspectives to sharing this material.


Robin also teaches yoga where the talk of anatomy and fixed postures is more common, but the principles gained at GYROTONIC® regularly make guest appearances. Exploring the insights from movement to provide people with tools to pursue the activities that they most enjoy is a great privilege. Away from the studio Robin is still trying to figure out if it's more fun to learn about wine or just to be outside.

Couple Meditating

Jennifer Prout,

GYROTONIC® Authorized Pre-Trainer, Certified Level 1 & 2, GYROTONIC® Instructor, Certified GYROKINESIS® Instructor

Jennifer was introduced to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in 2004 by Marie Chong at Arc School of Ballet.  She started doing Gyrotonic exercise sessions because of the hip flexor pain she was experiencing during ballet class – the GYROTONIC Method® was the modality that helped relieve her hip pain – and this prompted her desire to investigate how to use her body differently.  This exploration launched her on a path to become a body work professional.   


In 2005 Jennifer came to the GYROTONIC® Movement Center as a client to continue her exploration of movement and this system.  She began studying with Authorized Master Karen Mullen and many of the teachers at GMC who are now her colleagues.  In 2013, she completed the Gyrotonic Level 1 Certification; her love of the work grew and her desire to make this a profession expanded. She became a licensed massage therapist in 2016.  In 2016 she also completed her Gyrotonic Level 2 Program 1 & Program 2 Certification as well as her GYOKINESIS® Level 1 Certification both with Karen Mullen. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing the transformations in her clients.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys attending artistic performances, being with family and friends, and coaching her son’s hockey team. She is always exploring ways to improve her teaching and her understanding of the human body and is excited to be on staff at GMC!


Genevieve Morris,

Certified GYROTONIC® Level 1 Instructor

As a former dancer and actor, I have an extensive movement background. I started my training and career in Portland, where I studied classical ballet in the Royal Academy of Dance method. I then moved to New York City to attend The National Shakespeare Conservatory, where I had intensive training in movement, dance, scene study, acting technique, Shakespeare, voice, improvisation, and music. 


I was introduced to GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® as a dancer/actor in 1995 and was thrilled by its effectiveness. Even as a dancer, the GYROTONIC® Method transformed my body, giving me unprecedented strength, control, and mobility. 


Unfortunately, I suffered a serious back injury in 2008 that forced me  to retire from performing. I found my way back to the GYROTONIC® Method as part of my recovery. It once again transformed my body, this time far beyond the hopes and expectations of my doctors. 


With more than 10 years of experience teaching ballet, tap, and jazz in Oregon, California, and New York City, I am delighted to be returning to teaching and coaching.

Photo, Genevieve's 08 28 20.jpg
Leg Stretch

Deanne Meek,

Certified GYROKINESIS® Instructor

Deanne discovered the GYROKINESIS® method in 2015 after a shoulder injury, completing her foundation level 1 training at Kinespirit Studio in New York City with Master Trainer Chantal Deeble.  After years spent away from the Northwest, in 2016 she relocated to Seattle and was introduced to the GYROTONIC® Movement Center, completing her certification under the guidance of Authorized Master Trainer Karen Mullen. 


Deanne has been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique (M.AmSat) since 1993, receiving post-graduate certification from the Constructive Teaching Centre in London. A certified teacher of yoga, the Fitzmaurice Voicework® and as a NCVS trained Vocologist, she combines her love for creative and therapeutic movement and somatic education with her experience as an international opera singer.


As Faculty Artist and co-director of the Opera Workshop program at the University of Washington School of Music, from 2017 to 2020 Deanne integrated teaching from her Vocal Theatre Works studio with her role as course teacher and stage director for student productions.  Through VTW, she continues to teach voice, movement, acting and performance online to student, aspiring and professional artists.  When not performing, Deanne currently divides her time between Seattle and New York City.  She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Whitman College, a B.M. in Vocal Performance from the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, and a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.  


She is excited to have GMC as her home studio where she is available for private Gyrokinesis sessions and teaches the Friday 9 am Gyrokinesis group class – listed as Meditative Movement!

 Guest Teachers 

Yelena Foley,

Certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer

Meet our lovely guest instructor Yelena Foley! Some of you have seen her in the studio studying with me over the years as one of my long-time students. Yelena has an MA in Dance Education and has been dancing professionally plus teaching dance & movement since 1992. She studied  GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® exercise with talented and amazing GYROTONIC® Master teachers known all over the world and became a certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® instructor in 2006.  She is certified in all specialized equipment, as well as is a level 2 instructor in both modalities.  She works as an authorized GYROTONIC® pre-trainer under the tutelage of Karen.  She is the founder and director of Motionlab PDX in Portland and has taught ballet & GYROKINESIS® classes at the Russian Ballet Academy and is one of the founding members of the Portland based Polaris Dance Theater.  

Yelena Foley, 03 29 20.jpg
Couple Meditating

Barbara Schwarz,

Certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer

After a theatrical career that included 6 1/2 years on Broadway, Barbara started her career in fitness as an American College of Sports Medicine certified trainer. Discovering GYROTNIC® in 1995, Barbara once again felt the passion and commitment that had served her so well in the theatre. As a Master Trainer of both modalities she has single-mindedly dedicated herself to teaching the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® to people from all walks of life and at all different levels of fitness. Working with Barbara, students find Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis to be approachable, stimulating, a healing experience for their bodies, and of course, a joyful way to move.


With 25 years of experience teaching this system, and certifications in  Rehabilitation as well as all the Specialty Equipment, Barbara has an eagle-eye for details, a down to earth, clear way of communicating the work, and the belief that fun should be an integral part of learning and movement.

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