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Kind Words

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As a physical therapist, with 16 years of experience in working with injured bodies I have found the greatest cause of pain & injuries is muscular weakness & imbalances. Most injuries occur in rotational planes of movement or when the body has to quickly change the direction of movement. Interestingly enough, most weaknesses are found at the end range of these rotational planes. 

I became very interested in
Gyrotonic since is the one form of exercise that works the body with control & stability through every rotational plane at every joint. It’s base strength comes from core stability which is crucial to stability elsewhere in the body. I have had excellent results in combining the manual skills of physical therapy with the reinforcement of Gyrotonic. There is no other form of exercise combining resistance through these ranges.

Karen Mullen has been an amazing teacher & mentor. She has such great understanding of body mechanics & a clear, concise teaching style. She has inspired me both in my personal journey to a greater understanding of Gyrotonic and also in my journey to bring it to my world of physical therapy so others may experience its amazing benefits. I will always be grateful to Karen for all she has taught me. I am honored to have any association with her."

Anne-Marie Trombold,

       Proformance Rehab, Seattle WA.


Esther Barclay,

"Results and benefits from Gyrotonic have surpassed those from any of several exercise/fitness programs I've practiced over many years. Individual settings on the tower and bench provide support and safety to expand my body and rotate my joints as far as I can. The body learns. Now during daily activities my body often moves into a more aligned position without my thinking about it. I wish I'd found Gyrotonic 40 years ago!!

Michael de Guzman,

"Here’s what it is. Gyrotonic has made me stronger, more flexible, better balanced and freed me from physical stress. I go to the Gyrotonic Movement Center once a week. That’s it.

Marta Hernandez,
Yale Town Pilates Owner, 
Vancouver B.C.

"I came to Gyrotonic Movement Center as a dancer and teacher-in-training and was thrilled by the scope of the (Foundation Teacher Training) course; the work is so universal that students from a wide range of backgrounds can share and appreciate it a deep level. The course is designed to produce outstanding teachers; it is laid out with great care and in great detail, leaving no question unanswered. Karen’s enthusiasm and passion for the work are apparent in every facet of the organization. She a gifted and inspiring teacher and her willingness to share this wonderful work made my experience an ideal learning situation. The sheer brilliance of Gyrotonic never ceases to amaze me – the course has increased my breadth of knowledge tenfold and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Being a yoga and pilates devotee for the past twelve years, I was a reluctant Gyrotonic student. A couple of friends encouraged me to try the system, gently insisting that I would derive great benefit from it. So after a few months of procrastination, I made a call to Karen Mullen and dragged my reluctant self to her studio. There I found a warm welcome and a couple of giant pieces of funky-looking equipment. Karen began working with me slowly, patiently answering all my questions. I kept trying to find ways to debunk the system, reveal that it was unsound, that what I practiced was better, that Gyrotonic was not what a body needed… 

I fought the new information with every intelligent argument I had and yet found my body, despite myself, yearning for more. I began giggling with Karen, not just because she’s fun and funny (she is), but because my body was finding a bliss and a joy that startled it into a deeper wakefulness. Gyrotonic literally tickles and massages and wakes me to my bones. I feel it encircle and enliven places I’ve never before accessed. And the possibilities are endless. For me, it is much more than a system of movement. It is encouraging, playful, profound, and deeply rewarding. No longer reluctant, I find myself a grateful Gyrotonic student, eager for more."

Kristin Rudeen,

           Yoga teacher/client

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