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Sessions and Classes

Clients begin by working one-on-one with a Certified or Master Trainer in a series of Private sessions.  We like to get to know you, your injury history, current activity level, your goals and the issues you’d like most to address.  


Sometimes the primary goal is reducing stress, other times it’s building a stronger core, improving posture, or becoming more flexible.  Some clients would like us to work closely with their physical therapist or physician in overcoming chronic pain, injury or working with them during a post-op rehabilitation phase.  

        We want to help you become:





                 pain free

             healthy in mind, body and spirit

        We want you to feel at home in your body

                     & help you move to the next level.


So, during your first few sessions the skillfully trained teachers at GYROTONIC® Movement Center are carefully assessing general restrictions or weaknesses which might be preventing you from your peak performance, or watching for inefficient but habituated movement patterns that might be creating or contributing to your pain.  We want to be successful quickly – so anything you can share with us about how you feel, what you like, what you want to learn, or how you learn best is appreciated and helps us help you reach your goals. 

Many clients choose to exclusively see Trainers in Private Sessions, enjoying the focused, hands-on attention while others work toward joining a Gyrotonic Tower or Gyrokinesis class, and some clients working at a higher-level, schedule Independent Sessions during which they can work out on their own with general supervision by a Trainer and schedule Private sessions for continuing growth and mastery, while others enjoy arranging Duet Sessions.  Ultimately, our goal at the GYROTONIC® Movement Center is to develop a program that meets your personal goals and one that you truly enjoy.

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