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Susan Fuller,Office Manager,
Certified Level 1 
GYROTONIC® Instructor, LMT

Following a circuitous path at GYROTONIC® Movement Center, Susan found herself here first as a client, then an office assistant, followed by trainer, and now, the office manager.  Wanting more consistency and welcoming space in her work, she began working in the office, assisting with scheduling and daily tasks.


Over the years, she realized she enjoys the art of scheduling - putting puzzle pieces together to create flow, connection, and congruency at GYROTONIC® Movement Center.  Her time here at GYROTONIC® Movement Center has grown - you will find her at the studio most days, working on connecting with clients, scheduling, and managing day-to-day studio operations. 

Susan’s interests include ballet, ballroom dancing and transformational bodywork through massage.  She practices energy healing, massage and now the GYROTONIC® Method.  Susan has over 20 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist and recently retired from teaching ballet.  She completed the GYROTONIC® Level 1 coursework with Karen Mullen in 2022.  Susan subs, as needed, for trainers out of the studio.   

Susan loves the focused work, healing tears and laughter that happens at GYROTONIC® Movement Center.   

“Being able to re-pattern our movements with clarity and ease supports the healing process.  GYROTONIC® Movement Center is a magical place and I love working here!  This is worth it!” 

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