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Lauren Kehl

GYROTONIC® Certified Level 1 Instructor

Lauren’s movement journey began when she took her first lesson in aerial arts in 2008. Immediately obsessed, she began spending as much time as she could in the aerial studio, where she began assisting her instructor, and later teaching aerial arts on her own. After attending circus school at the New England Center for Circus Arts in 2011, she returned to Seattle to focus on teaching full time.


Her curiosity about movement, and drive to elevate her teaching skills, led her to becoming a NASM certified personal trainer, certified Pilates instructor, and GYROTONIC® trainer.  She took her first GYROTONIC® session in 2017 with the intention of only ever practicing as a student. However, her deep desire to learn and understand bodies got the best of her, and she became a Certified Level 1 GYROTONIC® trainer in 2022.


In her own practice, the GYROTONIC® method has helped Lauren with ongoing back pain and build a deeper connection with her own movement. She loves using GYROTONIC® exercise to help her clients move with more ease and less pain.

While Lauren continues to coach aerial arts, she is excited to explore the GYROTONIC® method in depth and is continually surprised by how much it influences all her teaching.

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